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Babies In Our Minds - improving perinatal practice - Early Years Emotional Security

Babies In Our Minds was successfully delivered online to 15 perinatal practitioners from Cornwall and Somerset teams (Nov-Dec 2020). The 2nd BIOM commissioning by Cornwall NHS Trust.

Team managers are very satisfied with the change in practice they have observed in their teams.

The Evaluation Report shows that overall course ratings were extremely positive. 83.3% strongly agreeing that BIOM is highly beneficial to their work.

91.7% strongly agreed that ‘the reflective practice case discussions were valuable for their practice and will be a helpful model in case discussions with colleagues’. This is a very important outcome, and shows the value of training that creates space for reflective practice – to integrate theory and practice.

It was good to hear from practitioners during the training that Babies In Our Minds has given them clear ideas about how to improve their professional practice, particularly with respect to observation, detailed recording of interactions, ‘the voice of the baby’, and thinking about intergenerational transmission:

“BIOM training has completely changed my way in thinking about how people’s histories play such a significant role in their own parenting styles. I also feel that my knowledge base has significantly expanded and I am able to provide a better service to the individuals I work with.”

“I enjoyed the course and found it very useful. I have since been able to be much more reflective during my observations of parent-infant interactions and have been able to write more comprehensive assessments regarding observations of attachment.

My sincere thanks to Mandy Raywood (Specialist Perinatal Team Leader, Truro, Cornwall) and Debbie Bunce (Specialist Perinatal Team Leader, Bridgwater, Somerset) for commissioning the BIOM training.